How vulnerable are you to a yeast infection if you’re a woman?

How vulnerable are you to a yeast infection if you’re a woman?

You are living your life the way you want it to be, however, do you know that you are vulnerable to yeast infection even though you are healthy? Yes it’s correct. Most women in the United States are at high risk for this infection due to their lifestyle. This infection is common among women who eat a lot of sweetened processed foods. Women who also have too much sex are also vulnerable to this disease.

As a woman, you are vulnerable to candidiasis for the following reasons.

Improper hygiene is obviously the first reason. Your body is naturally prone to yeast infection. A woman’s body requires constant cleaning and attention, especially the vagina. With improper hygiene, your vagina becomes dirty and wet. This causes Candida to reproduce faster than other good bacteria. Therefore, your chances of having a yeast infection are high.

Second, having different sexual activities can lead to candidiasis. In the United States, from a very young age, women are already engaged in different types of sexual activities and perhaps you are one of them. Do not be proud of this. Although it makes you feel more mature, this is not the way to have pleasure. Even though you are using birth control pills, you are still prone to thrush. In fact, birth control pills can upset the natural balance of bacteria and fungi in your body.

Aside from birth control pills, too much sex with multiple partners increases the risk of yeast infection. One possible explanation is that one of your sexual partners may be infected with Candidiasis and pass it on to you.

The use of tight clothing, especially underwear, is also identified as one of the causes of Cadidiasis. As a woman, you probably love wearing tight, sexy jeans and even thongs to get attention. However, skinny jeans and thongs make your vagina feel uncomfortable and wet. If you keep wearing these jeans, you will surely increase your risk of yeast infection. Therefore, it is recommended that you wear more comfortable clothing and cotton underwear to prevent candidiasis.

Finally, using feminine deodorant to clean your vagina can also increase your chances of getting a yeast infection. The explanation for this is that most deodorants have a high acidity which kills both good and bad bacteria. In this case, the good bacteria cannot balance the fungi that are responsible for the infection.

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