How To Make A Guy Can’t Resist You – Make Him Fall Under Your Spell! That is how

How To Make A Guy Can’t Resist You – Make Him Fall Under Your Spell! That is how

You find yourself thinking about him night and day and dying to know how to make him as aware of you as you are of him! If you want to drive him crazy for you and find you completely irresistible, then follow these seven tips and you will see how soon you will get positive results.

Let him experience the magic!

The best way to appear irresistible is to make sure they have a wonderful time in your company. If he starts to feel the “magic” of being with you and he starts to feel the chemistry building between you, it won’t be long before he wants to experience this every time!

Convince him to want you

Don’t be cheeky and rude in any way. Be elegant and classy in what you wear and how you carry yourself. The more you tempt him by being so tempting but hard to get, the more he will want to have you. Trick him gently by teasing and flirting with him into turning him on for you.

Give him the attention he craves

No man can resist a woman who makes him feel on top of the world. One way to make him feel good about himself is to boost his ego and his masculinity. Once he feels like the alpha male, he will want to hang out with you and only you. Be sure to pamper him and make him feel special!

Never look dull and boring in his company.

The moment he starts feeling bored in your company, you can say goodbye to your dreams with him! The danger of becoming boring and predictable is real when you start pretending to be someone you’re not! Be yourself and be impulsive and spontaneous. Dare to reveal your true self and you will have a better chance of being found irresistible.

Show him that you are sure of who you are.

No man likes a stupid, insecure and immature woman. A goofy, giggly bimbo will turn it off! An intelligent, independent and self-confident woman will seem like the ideal partner. She is confident in her gifts, talents and her personality and she will show up as a beacon in the night.

make me miss your presence

The trick is to be around him making sure he has a great time in your company and then disappear out of sight for a while so that he starts to miss you terribly and can’t wait to have you back in his life. When you finally come back, he won’t be able to resist your charms.

Make all your friends admire and praise you.

If you are smart, you will try to impress your friends. Get them to like you a lot and you can be sure they’ll be all compliments on you when you’re not around. When he hears what they have to say about you, he will be even more attracted to you and will never be able to resist you at all!

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