Free Tips for Internet Marketing with YouTube

Free Tips for Internet Marketing with YouTube

About 200 million video clips are shown on YouTube every day. Thousands of people literally flock to YouTube to watch the latest and greatest videos with such energy that network TV studios are worried they will become stale and stale. With this kind of following, can’t you feel the marketing potential that YouTube offers?

Now, before you try to make a marketing video for YouTube, you need to know a few things. See, popular videos aren’t completely random overnight jobs (well, at least this isn’t the norm). Most great YouTube videos require thought and preparation, some of which I’ve provided below.

1.) When it comes to making a video, think about the lights, the camera, and the audio. Lights of different colors and temperatures bring out the best images from the camera. So if you can very well your lighting, go for it. Then the camera you use can be a webcam, but a decent camera will cost around $1,000. For web videos, web cameras are usually sufficient for most of the videos you’re going to make. The last is audio, which is often overlooked. For your YouTube video, you need a decent microphone to take advantage of good quality sound.

2.) Write a summary of what you want to include in your video. Begin your video by introducing yourself or your business. Next engages with the viewer in one way or another (perhaps both have shared similar work experience?). Now, identify a problem the viewer is having and share the solution (your product or service). Finally, give the viewer a specific call to action, such as going to your website and signing up for your email list.

3.) Keep your video short. The optimal length of the video is between 30 seconds and 4 minutes. If your video is too long, people just won’t see it; On the other hand, if your video is too short, people won’t take it seriously. Always use your best judgment when deciding how much content to include in your video.

4.) Keep the tone of your video light. If you really want a viral video, be funny and somewhat random. You can also produce a simple marketing video, but don’t expect it to go viral. In any case, don’t take yourself too seriously. You need to be cheerful to create a popular work.

5.) Optimize your video list. Do this by putting your product keywords in the video title, tags, and description. Also make sure to use long tail keywords and keyword phrases. Lastly, have many variations of your keywords for the ultimate breadth of search engine optimization.

6.) Don’t forget to promote your video! Although YouTube will do some promotion of your video based on your video description and tags, you need to take some action. Some promotional tools you can use include posting your video on your blog, posting it on your website, sending emails to your list, and using social bookmarking sites.

With the tips above, you should be well on your way to creating a YouTube video with impact and hopefully leads and sales. However, please note that I left out one last piece of advice related to user feedback: don’t be offended when people leave bad or negative comments about your video. Also, please do not delete these negative comments from the comment area. What you want for your video is attention and discussion. Maybe your video will incite a few people and get a lot of attention. This is what happens with the most popular videos online; so don’t limit yourself or the potential of your video!

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