Toronto Severance Pay lawyer – The Role of Employment Lawyers in Canada

Toronto Severance Pay lawyer – The Role of Employment Lawyers in Canada

Toronto Severance Pay lawyer

A Toronto employment lawyer – commonly referred to as a Toronto Employment Lawyer – is the individual who can guide you through your complex situation, and make sure that you receive the severance pay that you deserve. If you are being made redundant or let go from your job, it is important to hire one of these legal advisers as quickly as possible. You do not want to be left unemployed and stripped off of all of your severance pay. Contact your local employment lawyer as soon as you realise that you have been made redundant or let go. This is important as processing your unemployment will be a very complicated process when the cuts have been announced.

The first thing that you should do is to collect all of the relevant documentation relating to your employment status. Examples of documentation that you need to turn over include pay slips, statements of financial losses and other items that pertain to your employment. When speaking with a Toronto severance pay lawyer – be honest with him or her about what is not valid documentation. For example, bank statements will be fine, but only if they pertain to your last six months of employment. Otherwise, you will need to provide copies of current pay slips.

The next step in the process is to meet with a Toronto employment lawyer – the same person who represents you during the initial stages of the redundancy process. The purpose of this meeting is to ensure that you understand your rights and are dealing with the right person. The aim of the meeting is also to help you determine whether you can benefit from a redundancy plan.

Toronto Severance Pay lawyer – The Role of Employment Lawyers in Canada

At this stage you will also be able to discuss payment and other possible avenues for receiving severance pay. In some cases this will simply be an offer to continue your employment; while in others it may be a settlement agreement. A fair employment lawyer will help you to explore your options so that you are comfortable with the company’s decision. In most cases, however, the redundancy will be effective only if the employer offers a compromise or settlement agreement. If the employer does not do so, you will have to file a claim of unfair dismissal with the Ontario labour board.

In addition to representing you during the redundancy process, the employment lawyer – or Employment Lawyer as he may be known in the Canada – will also advise you before you take your case to the Employment Tribunal. This is where you will have to turn to an experienced employment lawyer – one who specializes in the area of employment law. The Employment lawyer – or Employment Lawyer as he or she may be called in Canada – will review your case and take it to court if you do not want the case to proceed further in the absence of any compromise. There are many different types of settlements that can be reached between an employee and an employer. For instance, an employee may request a statutory leave; an employee may ask for compensation for being forced to take a specified number of sick days; or an employee may request that the amount of their regular wage be increased.

The employment lawyer – or Employment Lawyer as he or she may be called in Canada – will advise you on the legal aspects of all these requests. Your legal advisor will explain the different aspects of employment law in as comprehensive a manner as possible. He or she will also ensure that you understand the implications of making a request for a fair employment practice by your employer. Most of the time, the advice of the employment lawyer comes in handy when an employee wants to challenge the dismissal of a colleague unfairly. The employment lawyer can advise you whether there are grounds for a case against your employer, or whether the employer’s argument, as laid out in his defence, is reasonable.

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