The Apple iPod phenomenon

The Apple iPod phenomenon

How did the Apple iPod phenomenon start? What made this little device the main technological innovation of recent years, while almost alone altering the entire music business model? Few products reach the tremendous status that the Applie iPod phenomenon bestowed on the iPod. You could say that the iPod was in the right place at the right time, but really the key to its explosion in popularity lies in some good old-fashioned marketing magic backed by a great device and frequent redesigns and updates.

There’s always a newer and better iPod

If the new iPod you just bought isn’t old, wait a few months or half a year. Apple is constantly releasing new iPod models and this is one of the reasons why the Apple iPod phenomenon occurred. Because the devices are so well received, even if you already have one, you want the newest and latest with the added feature that the existing one doesn’t have.

People really crave the newer iPods and therefore the iPod quickly ships out the latest model and certainly refrains from unleashing all its functions at once so they can come back later and release another new model. . Since its inception, dozens of different types of iPod have been introduced and a lot of innovation along the way.

From reducing them even further, to increasing memory capacity and functionality, to recently adding a touchscreen iPod, the magic never stops. There are so many Apple iPods out there that if you really wanted to read reviews of Apple iPods on each of them, you could find yourself starting out on your computer screen for several hours, if not days!

Currently, you can get the iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, iPod Classic, and iPod Touch. Shuffle is the epitome of small and portable, and can clip onto your pants or shirt and still provides 1GB of storage. The Nano is a huge step up from that, with a display and storage of up to 8GB. IPod Classic can store up to 100GB of digital media to provide an endless variety of music, videos, and images to have at your disposal. And the new iPod Touch has WiFi Internet capability, so you can download new music, watch YouTube videos, and control it all through the amazing interactive display.

Apple’s iPod phenomenon owes a lot to great marketing

The other factor behind the enormous and inspiring popularity of the iPod is the marketing effort that is still put into the device. It is not just a music player (or a video player, or an image viewer, etc.) but it is almost a status symbol. If you are fashionable and you know what is popular, then you will have an iPod. It has this huge aura of genius that seeps out, which drives people of all ages crazy to get their hands on one.

The good news is, it’s never too late to join the madness and get yourself and your family members some Apple iPods. If you’ve read everything you can from our Apple iPod reviews and are ready for the next step, joining the world in the age of portable music, pictures, and videos, then you can buy Apple iPods.

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