Does the Purple Hair Dryer Come With a Diffuser Attachment?

Does the Purple Hair Dryer Come With a Diffuser Attachment?

Purple Hair Dryer Come With a Diffuser Attachment

A hair dryer is one of the most frequently used appliances in a person’s home, and even though they may look different on the outside, all of them are designed to work similarly inside. The electric motor and heating element turn on when you plug a purple hair dryer into an outlet, pulling in air and heating it to the desired temperature. Vents on the back of the appliance then push the hot air out, drying wet hair. Some models have additional features, such as a diffuser attachment, that help you achieve the style you want without causing heat damage to your hair.

A diffuser is an attachment that fits over the nozzle of your hair dryer, and it helps diffuse the intense heat from the blower, so your curls or waves stay bouncy and voluminous. The attachment has prongs that lift each strand of hair, so the hot air can penetrate them without disrupting the natural curl pattern. The diffuser also disperses the airflow so your strands receive more coverage, which is less damaging than using a nozzle that focuses the hot air on a single area of your head.

Hair dryers with a diffuser attachment are great for all hair types, but they’re especially useful for those with wavy or curly hair because the extra support helps to keep their shape while drying. “Diffusers are designed to elevate the natural bend and curl of your strands,” says Mia Santiago, a stylist who specializes in editorial and red-carpet looks. She adds that they’re also helpful in controlling frizz, reducing drying time and enhancing the curl pattern of your hair.

Does the Purple Hair Dryer Come With a Diffuser Attachment?

If the purple hair dryer you choose doesn’t come with a diffuser, there are plenty of options available for purchase separately. Some are collapsible or made of a soft material that makes them easy to fold up and fit in your luggage when traveling. Others are designed to fit over your dryer nozzle and have built-in grips for comfortable handling. Some are compatible with most dryers, while others have a specific design that’s best for your particular model.

This foam sock diffuser from Hot Sock collapses to a width of 2.25 inches and will fit most nozzles, according to the brand. It’s lightweight and easy to tote around, and it has a high-rating of 4.3 stars from customers on Amazon.

This professional-quality dryer comes with a diffuser, smoothing comb and a concentrator nozzle, and its powerful motor and multiple heat settings make it suitable for all hair types. Its attractive purple color and stylish, sleek design are an added bonus. It isn’t the lightest or fastest dryer on the market, but it offers good value for your money and is ETL certified to ensure safety. The included accessories are handy for travel or touch-ups at home, and the purple hair dryer is versatile enough to use for a variety of styles. If you’re a fan of the GHD hair dryer, this purple version is similar in style and performance.

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