A very clever stupidity: wisdom in work clothes, take it or leave it! TO "Bad" Article

A very clever stupidity: wisdom in work clothes, take it or leave it! TO "Bad" Article

When you live normally and divorce normally, you live in the ultimate unreal fantasy world. One thing that is more unrealistic than genuinely knowing how to cheat and being a genuine criminal who succeeds in evil is knowing everything and being perfect all the time. The ultimate perfection and utopia is to delude yourself, you can learn something only if you are not perfect and perfectly honest about not knowing and wanting to learn.

Recently, I mentioned to my mom about the fate of the philosopher Socrates and the hemlock drinking death by execution that even his wife approved of. In fact, where do you think the saying “goodbye” came from? It likely came out of the mouth of Xanthippe, Socrates’ wife when she learned that the “thorn in her side that was her husband” was being punished and executed for being one of the first rebellious nonconformists in history who could actually learn anything. and we could still learn something from what we can see from his favorite sayings: “All I know is that I know nothing.” and “I am always willing to learn.”

So the story continues, with all its “clever bullshit” to wars, murders, car accidents, amnesia, elections, politics, false philosophies, negative mysticism, suicides, drugs, tension headaches, insanity, chaos and all the troubles. than to evolve from us “knowing everything and having all the answers.”

The answer to all of this is to be willing to learn to really live. That’s. The only positive mysticism that can benefit us is being willing to learn to really live in reality, everything else is an attempt to cheat. What it is that.

When we get real and honest mostly in a “scary way” that’s when genuine growth begins anyway.

Now, I mention the inspiration for this article: I spoke with my mom about the death of Socrates and the legendary two little words supposedly given by his wife Xanthippe that made him laugh while he died drinking hemlock. She feels the same when I tell her what is happening in an unbiased and honest way. Oh, to be honest down to the basic truth without “chicken filters” or “beating around the bush”: all my soul does is laugh with Socrates, not at him.

So I say with Bill Withers at the height of his success and having “everything”: “I want to spread the word that if it feels so good to be used, keep using me until I’m exhausted!”

So in my personal point of view taking the opposite “course of reality” from Kanye Omari West, God is fast enough for me anyway and I am a person of patience and faith at all times, whatever it is right now. I’m not a rabbit or a hare, I’m just a steadfast tortoise or whatever is always ready to finish the entire race and really win whatever it takes. What it is all.

To finally clear up the kind of “smart stupidity” I want to say: I am willing, I am faithful, I am steadfast, I can genuinely run like the turtle. I will not give up. I will not rest. So I work, always work, and do the hard work, only I do it for real and deep, and for my own genuine benefit. If this is a “bad article” then so be it, but I just wanted to get some unadorned honest thoughts and realities (from my mind to yours) from here (in my being).

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