A guide to all available nail polish finishes

A guide to all available nail polish finishes

Nail polish is great because it is the same size for everyone, regardless of skin tone. The problem starts when you have to choose which one to use because there are so many options available. There are hundreds of colors to select from and so many finishes you can find them in. Nail polish brands are doing a lot better these days as they have added finishes like flakie, duochrome, and holographic nail polish to the usual cream and glossy finish that existed before. Don’t worry if you didn’t understand any of that, this guide will show you the difference between each available finish.

1. Cream

This is the standard for polished finishes. It is the most common and comes in several solid colors. This is good for when you have had a lot of nails decorated and you want a break.

2. Sweden

They have a silver sheen, but they are also matte and look absolutely unique and beautiful.

3. Textured

When this polished finish dries, it is grainy and gritty and has many sparkles that are reflected in the sunlight. It dries very quickly and a base coat can enhance the look.

4. Brightness

This polished finish can be added to any color base and the glitter can be done in various shapes, from hexagons to circles to triangles. Removing them can be difficult, so think before applying.

5. Brightness

This looks like a cream polish finish that got a boost from little micro-glitters that literally sparkle.

6. Neon

The color of this polish is the real draw because different neon polishes can have varied textures and not just cream. They may look like cream in the bottle, but they actually look matte when dry.

7. Mate

This polished finish has no shine. You can get a top coat to make your regular polish matte or you can get a matte finish polish in different colors. It looks very stylish, but it will get brighter the longer you wear it.

8. Holographic

Holographic nail polish is like using an enhanced glitter polish, but much easier to remove. It looks amazing when the sun is reflecting off it and is even difficult to capture in a photo.

9. Metallic gold chrome

This polish finish easily looks very stylish on nails. However, it is very difficult to avoid streaks when applying this finish, so be careful.

10. Duochrome

This polished finish is something magical as it changes hue under different lighting conditions. This is harder to find than most of the finishes on this list, but they are amazing, especially for the summer.

11. Pearl

It is like a white base that is sheer that has been combined with another polish that has a bright hue.

12. Gelatin

This finish can be fun to wear. They provide a color wash because they are on the transparent side. You can layer for more color or pair with glitter polish.

13. Flakie

This basically has different flakes that accentuate the polish. The flakes are usually multi-colored.

14. Sheet

This is on the metallic side, but it may look like you have foil on your nails.

After this extensive explanation on nail polish finishes, we are sure that you are a master and can safely decide what you want for each season. Go ahead and have fun choosing the polish for your nails.

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