Why Your Computer Registry Is Like Your Grocery Cabinets

Why Your Computer Registry Is Like Your Grocery Cabinets

Seriously. There I was sitting right in front of the computer thinking “wow, I really need to tidy up my registry.” I know what you are thinking, right? Well, you’re actually right! I know that my computer registry is important. I know it should be kept clean, orderly, and mostly free from dishonest entrances. Now, for most of you geeks or not, you know that keeping your computer in some sort of order is like keeping all the groceries in your cupboards in order. A strange analogy, right? Incorrect!

Think of it this way; If the groceries are oriented in the right direction, have the labels attached, are not outdated and are easily accessible, you will be able to work in the kitchen in a more orderly way. Being able to work more efficiently. Well, making sure your record stays in order is the same, but not that tasty.

So I digress. There I was sitting in front of my computer and couldn’t be bothered to hit the scan option on my registry scanner. Why? I do not know. Pure laziness is the only answer. I have been using the scanner for years and only this time I did not press the scan option, with auto scan disabled as well, I learned my lesson.

You know when you install something from the wonderful WWW and it asks you if you would also like to install a wonderful search engine? I always click the ‘no’ option. But this time I didn’t, I completely messed up my computer’s registry. The computer started to slow. He began to punish me for my incompetence. Seriously, I had no choice but to reinstall Windows as I couldn’t even access my scanning software. Trust me, I’m pretty good with computers, but this time even I couldn’t solve the problem.

Don’t get me wrong, luckily he hadn’t lost much work, but he was on the verge of failing. All for the simple fact of scanning the registry on a regular basis.

The good news is that my computers work fine now, my head doesn’t hurt and neither does my pride. The main thing I did was set up auto scan and scheduled scan. Sometimes you don’t even know what’s lurking on your computer and the registry is an important part of your computers’ well-being. So please. Don’t be as lazy as I am. Most of the software out there is even free, so now there is no excuse, right?

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