Profit Siege Review: PPV Demon and making money with PPV / CPA

Profit Siege Review: PPV Demon and making money with PPV / CPA

Profit Siege is an interesting product for anyone new to PPV (Pay per View) and CPA (Cost per Action) advertising networks. To understand how and if Profit Siege works as advertised, you need to know what PPV advertising and CPA networks are all about.

Pay-per-view networks have existed for some time on the Internet as a means of advertising. How do they work? Well, the person who wants to promote affiliate products or any product needs to present their product to as many people as possible, right? Well, this is where PPV networks come in. PPV networks have literally millions of optional subscribers who agree to receive advertisements delivered directly to them, either through software downloads; game downloads or through browser pop-up windows. Subscribers are a captive audience and they look for different ads that are geared towards what they want to buy. This is where the beauty of PPV networks comes in. The people you are promoting the products to WANT the ads presented to them. EXCELLENT. So how do you present your products to subscribers? You pay to have the product presented to you. YES, you PAY PPV networks based on keywords for your product to be promoted on your network to your subscribers. Still feeling anxious? How much is it? The cost can be $ .02 to $ .005 per screen print. Most PPV networks have millions of subscribers, so if you reach all of them based on $ .005 per impression and 12 million, you could potentially pay $ 60,000. OH! Of course, if you get $ 1 per share required to get paid, you could earn $ 12 million on a $ 60,000 investment or 2000% return. Of course, this is not realistic, but a better question would be where do you find the promotions that will make me money and how much money will they make me?

Well, Profit Siege takes care of this too, through the CPA networks. So how do CPA networks work? They receive advertising dollars from both large companies and smaller companies so they can promote goods, services, or opportunities. Once they have the advertising dollars, they work with people to promote the ads however they can. For example, let’s say a major department store wants to develop an email list for email marketing. The action required to receive payment is for someone to enter their email and press Enter. The cost of promoting these ads is NOTHING, ZERO, ZIP, ZILCH and NOTHING. So you get paid to advertise the products of other companies. The next question is how to manage the many ad campaigns you will need to run to be profitable and how you manage which networks they are on. Well, of course, this is where Profit Siege comes in.

Profit Siege is custom software that is installed on a hosting service. The software is called PPV Demon. Once you log into the Profit Siege member site, you will be able to download and install the software on your own service or have the software installed on a new domain name through Brain Host as a hosting service. PPV Demon, the software that is installed, actually helps build your CPA campaigns and launches them on the PPV network of your choice. Several of the PPV networks are already pre-installed in the PPV Demon program.

The Profit Siege members area has a training area to teach all “newbies” about PPV networks and CPA networks. There are 7 training videos:

• Module 1: Marketing CPV / PPV

• Module 2: PPV networks

• Module 3: CPA networks

• Module 4: Depth loading

• Module 5: Jump claims

• Module 6: Cash with a single click

• Module 7: Conclusion

After you have gone through these step-by-step videos, proceed to the training videos on the software, PPV Demon:

• Member navigation

• Download and install software

• Introduction to the software

• Direct software link

• Software landing pages

• Software update

• Software subtitle tracking

• Software keyword tracking

• LP software vs. Direct

• Software postback

These videos are designed to guide you through setting up your campaigns and which networks to run them on. PPV Demon will track your payments, views, traffic, and other metrics. These tools allow you to manage, modify, adjust, and end unprofitable campaigns. PPV Demon will also notify you each time a payment is received on your account, regardless of the CPA network you use.

The software is not fully automated. You MUST enter the initial details of which CPA ad you are promoting, which PPV network you will use to run the promotion, and then if you want to receive alerts about various data. Once this is done it takes about 10 minutes, THEN it is fully automated and you can simply see the results of the campaigns. Review the campaigns once a week and modify them if necessary to increase your profits.

Here’s something I was NOT expecting. In fact, I got a call from a gentleman at the company asking me what he thought of Profit Siege and how to get the most out of the program. Talk about feeling stunned. I paid $ 47 for the product and someone REALLY called me to see how I was doing with the show. AMAZING. The same gentleman will call me in a week or two to see how I’m doing with the show. At that time, he will provide me with tips and adjustments on how to maximize profits. That alone is worth a lot more than $ 47, how much more is determined by how much money you make or don’t make.

Obviously, I recommend Profit Siege to anyone I can talk to about it. The product does not install and generates money. You MUST enter the date. The product does NOT get rich quick. You MUST monitor the results and modify them when necessary. The product DOES deliver what it promises and is worth MUCH MORE than $ 47 in my opinion.

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