Popular PC games of 2016

Popular PC games of 2016

PC games have always been used. There are many advantages of PC gaming than any other game medium. Therefore, there are several gamers who love to play PC games. Therefore, they were never really out of the market. For those who think that PC games are out of date, we recommend that you review this article to discover the games that were popular in 2016. Then only you will be able to understand the immense popularity of games.

Civilization VI

This game has several types of changes. That can be in the updates that exist and other things. The game allows players to deliberately plan ahead, strategize, and then take action. The player can build his own civilization virtually. One is able to direct one’s civilization through clear transparency. This game is the sixth in the series. The previous version, as is evident, has been very famous and therefore this version was no exception.


Most of the people who have played this game have not wanted to quit. I also had the same experience with this one. This game had transformed me into someone who wanted to play strategy games. But before, I had always refrained from playing strategy games. It’s almost a video game experience with Stellaris creating his own empire in the galaxy.


This is a dark puzzle very similar to limbo. There is a deadly oppressive world in which the game is being set. The boy who is under your control will die frequently and suddenly. The world there is violent and bleak. Has fears based on nature. Society is dystopian in nature.


It almost makes you feel like a hero when you save teammates by playing the character of your favorite heroes. It is an enjoyable game and it will keep you busy in your spare time.

Stardew valley

It is a virtual farming game. Fans are absolutely in love with it and are eager to find out what the developers will offer to enhance the experience. It has introduced a new set of players for users to find the joys of a pixelated country life.

So it’s pretty clear that PC gaming isn’t out of the market. There is still a lot of craziness to play on a PC. Many people are also looking forward to playing the games on PC in the near future.

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