Password protect files on your iPhone with Folder Lock for iPhone

Password protect files on your iPhone with Folder Lock for iPhone

Consider the situation where you have to temporarily hand over your iPhone or iPod Touch to someone to use and are afraid of prying eyes snooping through your personal documents, photos, videos, and audios – confidential files that you want to keep absolutely private? For such a situation, and if you are an iPhone or iPod Touch user, there is not much you can do with its native privacy protection features.

The iPhone, although it surpasses other touch devices with its supreme ease of use, does not offer a variety of options in its own privacy protection mechanism. The ultimate protection an iPhone offers is a one-time passcode lock, which erases all data on the 10th wrong passcode attempt.

For all those people who care deeply about their private data, Folder Lock for iPhone is your knight in shining armor. By offering complete password protection for your files and folders that you want to keep private, Folder Lock for iPhone focuses on protecting all types of files, be it your personal documents, images, videos, audios or any other private files regardless of the extension. to which they belong. to.

Beyond the functions offered by other iPhone applications, this application not only offers password protection of your confidential and private files, but its versatile function of playing audio and video files while remaining within the application interface makes it incomparable.

There is also the possibility that despite having installed Folder Lock for iPhone, your iPhone may encounter hacking attempts to get into the privacy of your files. You can keep track of all hacking attempts on your iPhone with Folder Lock’s hacking attempt monitoring feature. The saved log of all those failed hacking attempts will be displayed within the app with the exact date and time.

Do you want to thwart an intruder trying to hack your iPhone? With the password attempt restriction feature of this app, you can stop any wrong password attempt.

There is no such feature in the iPhone’s default Safari browser that allows you to download anything. Everything, that browser is good for browsing the web. Our built-in browser, on the other hand, allows users to download files from the Internet, they can be .exe files or mp3 files or files that are not HTML, php, etc., while no other iPhone application allows such an exclusive feature, Folder Lock for iPhone is once again proving to be one of its own types.

To protect files on iPhone, all you need to do is have the Wi-Fi connection established between your PC or MAC and your device. When everything is set up, the app will give you an IP address after tapping on ‘Add files from PC’. You will need to enter this IP address in the address bar of your system’s browser. Your browser will ask you to enter the password you set to log into the mailbox. Once you’re done, your browser will direct you to a web interface where a green button labeled “Add Document (s)” will appear. Put whatever you want in your locker and you’ll be safe! As simple as it sounds, your files and folders are NOW protected from prying eyes.

Privacy is a huge concern for any iPhone user and with FolderLock for iPhone your information is in good hands.

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