Male Chastity: How To Deal With 24/7

Male Chastity: How To Deal With 24/7

Dealing with male chastity 24/7 is something that most men who play the game of male chastity have to do at some point on their journey.

The reason is that once couples start playing, most of them find the benefits so powerful and numerous that permanent chastity becomes almost a given.

I just want to take advantage of this moment, although to define exactly what I mean: with chastity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, I mean that the man has given control of his orgasm to his wife or girlfriend permanently and continues, BUT she may or may not allow it. him to orgasm from time to time.

If you are never allowed to have an orgasm, then that is strictly 24/7 orgasm denial, which is just a subset of male chastity, and it is not chastity. per se.

In this article, we are talking only about the first scenario; The topic of permanent 24/7 orgasm denial is a more advanced topic for another day.

When a man first hands over 24/7 control of his orgasms to his beloved, he quickly arrives at two very crude realizations and has to learn to cope with them.

Tea First is that she is no longer in control of her orgasms. This may seem obvious, and it’s exactly what you’ve been asking for, but the fantasy of 24/7 chastity and the reality are very, very different.

Because up to this point, whenever you’ve fantasized about chastity and denial, you’ve generally been alone and have reached orgasm. Fantasy is really exciting, after all, and it thrills him tremendously. So masturbating to orgasm is completely natural.

But when he wears a device and has handed control over to his beloved … this no longer happens. Psychologically, this can hit a man like a physical hit. Suddenly her fantasy is a reality and the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčorgasm denial is a reality … and now she is not reaching orgasm.

Tea second what you have to deal with is the actual physical sensation of not having an orgasm. For many men, this is exactly what they want and what they crave and they love the feeling.

This doesn’t mean they don’t beg or beg them to orgasm when you’re teasing them or getting them to please you, but it does mean they’ll thank you profusely for being so strict and cruel afterward.

So how do men cope with this on a daily basis?

In my experience, the most successful coping strategy is to take each day at a time. For any man, contemplating more than a few days without orgasm is very difficult (for men who are experiencing maximum pleasure from permanent Orgasm denial, contemplating this is mind-boggling.) You see, thinking about not being able to have an orgasm makes a man want one even more … so it’s kind of a positive feedback loop. This is great news for us women, but very hard for the men that we continue to deny).

So focus on not cumming just for that day. Forget about tomorrow and the next day and the next and it will be easier.

It will never be easy, of course. But then, it is not meant to be.

Of course, there is a lot more to dealing with 24/7 chastity, and this is just a brief introduction to the topic.

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