Las Vegas: How to Save Money on Your Next Trip

Las Vegas: How to Save Money on Your Next Trip

If you are considering a trip to Las Vegas, travel experts agree that it is best to allocate a predetermined amount of money for gambling. When the money runs out, it runs out. This is good advice. However, even if you don’t gamble, there is no shortage of ways to spend money in Las Vegas. Here are some tips that can help you save hundreds of dollars the next time you visit Sam’s Town.

Travel midweek: It’s well known that hotel rates go up on the weekends (often doubling or tripling the price), but so does the price of pretty much everything else: shows, clubs, minimum tables, and drink prices. Airfare is also more expensive if you fly into Las Vegas on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday and return on a Sunday or Monday.

Take a look at the free shows: There are a number of free shows in Las Vegas that are worth visiting. By far the most popular is Sirens, the daring pirate ship battle that takes place off Treasure Island twice a day, 7 days a week. Another popular sight is the Bellagio fountains.

Buy tickets for shows at half price: The Fashion Show Mall ticket offices (adjacent to the Wynn Hotel and Treasure Island) sell tickets to many shows for up to half off if you buy tickets on the day of the show. Although popular shows are not usually half price, they are sometimes 20 or 30 percent off. Popular shows sell out early, so it’s best to get to the box office before noon. There are actually 2 lockers in the Fashion Show Mall, one on the ground floor and the other on the top floor of the mall near the food court. The stands are not affiliated with each other and have different tickets and shows available. If the show you wanted is sold out at one of the ticket offices, try the other.

Enter the clubs for free: Many Las Vegas nightclubs have guest lists. Not only can you avoid the line, but you often get a discount on the coverage fee or better yet, get in for free. The best way to sign up for a guest list is to contact the club directly or visit their website.

Book your hotel from a hotel consolidator: The best thing about Las Vegas is that there are thousands of hotel rooms, and on any given night these hotel rooms will have excess capacity. Hotels with excess capacity sell their rooms to a consolidator such as Hotwire and Priceline, who in turn resell the rooms without revealing the hotel name until after purchase. This allows the hotel to offer a large discount on excess capacity without diluting its brand. 5-star hotels on the Las Vegas Strip frequently sell for less than $ 100 a night.

Take the Deuce: The Deuce is a double-decker bus that runs north-south along the Strip and goes as far north as Fremont Street. Although it is slower than a taxi due to the number of tourists getting on and off at each stop, it is popular with tourists for a reason: it is cheap. Get a 24-hour pass and hop on and off as many times as you like for under $ 10. Buses are frequent, so you generally don’t have to wait more than 10 minutes before the next Deuce arrives.

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