iPhone 5 + Sync = The beginning of a new relationship

iPhone 5 + Sync = The beginning of a new relationship

The new iPhone 5 and its Apple OS 6 platform were introduced on September 12, 2012 by Apple Corporation. A question many Ford vehicle owners ask is … “How well will the new iPhone work with the Sync hands-free phone system and the MyFord Touch system?” Preliminary reports say the new “relationship” will run smoothly.

Last year when the iPhone 4S was introduced, it required some adaptations for Ford Sync users, but once those issues were addressed, it became the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Siri, the iPhone’s nifty voice-activated assistant, might work well with Ford Sync’s “Samantha”. One reason for this great relationship is that Nuance, the developer of speech recognition software, had created the speech interface for both Apple’s iPhone and Ford’s Sync.

Apple Store representatives have said that the new iPhone 5 and Apple OS 6 will not fail to connect to a hands-free device such as Ford’s Sync or MyFord Touch.

The new iPhone 5 is thinner, lighter, and has a larger screen than the iPhone 4S. Enhancements to iPhone 5 allow you to access the LTE cell phone network (available in select markets) to allow for better connections. This new mobile communication standard is a more recent progression from 3G to 4G networks. The goal is to continue expanding the speed and bandwidth used by mobile phones. This should mean better signal strength, faster connections, and clearer connections.

The iPhone 5 also has an A6 chip that will allow for much faster application processing. Apple reports that it is twice as fast as the current iPhone 4S. Another interesting update is the change of the 30-pin connector (to USB) to recharge and connect to iTunes on your computer or laptop. The new iPhone uses a smaller 8-pin connector and Apple will have conversion connectors so you can keep using your old Apple cables.

One notable difference is that Apple is abandoning the use of Google Maps on the new iPhone 5. Apple’s new system will allow you to use the app or Siri to show you maps and even 3-D photographic images to show you where you want to go. to go. It will also provide turn-by-turn voice prompts. This means that when using your new iPhone 5 with your Ford Sync system, you will want to press and hold the “Home” button on the front of your phone to access Siri. You will hear your voice through the vehicle’s sound system. You can talk to her to ask for directions (or whatever). Siri will give you the instructions and ask you any questions you need. Just press and hold the “Phone” icon on the steering wheel (or center console) to end your session with Siri.

One thing to keep in mind for all iPhone users upgrading to the new iPhone 5 is to follow these steps:

First, make sure to backup all the data on your phone through iTunes.

Next: remove your old iPhone device from the vehicle.

Then: go to the Phone Menu in your vehicle. Use the tuning knob or touch screen to go to Bluetooth Devices. Remove the old iPhone from the device list. Then go to the new iPhone 5 and go to the Settings app. Then go to General touch bar, tap on it, go to Bluetooth bar and tap on it. Go to your vehicle and tell it to “Add Bluetooth Device”. Press OK to begin pairing and the Ford system will generate a random 6-digit PIN. Go back to your iPhone 5 and tap the bar that shows the text “Sync, not paired.” A second, smaller screen will appear, and this is where you enter the 6-digit PIN number. Then touch the “Pair” button. The iPhone 5 and the Sync system will begin the final connection process. Sync will ask a few more questions, such as “Set up a primary phone?” Respond with an OK. When Sync asks “Download phonebook”, press the OK button and then OK again. It will take a few moments for the Sync system to scroll through all the contacts on your phone. Once completed, “Download Complete” will appear on the console screen. If the console display shows “Telephone Redial”, press the “Telephone” icon on the steering wheel for about five seconds. It will clean the console screen and return you to your entertainment functions in your vehicle.

See the Apple website for more information. Actual iPhone delivery to Apple stores will not be until September 22, 2012. For more information, be sure to visit Ford’s online reference site at syncmyride.com.

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