How the DP exercise bike compares to well-known brands

How the DP exercise bike compares to well-known brands

The DP stationary bike name may not be as recognizable as other brands like Schwinn, Nautilus, and ProForm, but this brand has been around for quite some time and is one of the most respected names in the fitness business. Today, DP is best known for selling exercise bike parts and supplies for exercise equipment.

Most of the DP indoor bikes are old models and it is quite difficult to get them, except in online stores and second hand retailers. One of the DP models that became quite popular was the DP Fit for Life Airgometer upright bike. This model costs around $ 1,000 to $ 1,200 and has the basic features of an upright indoor bike.

Another model from the DP fitness brand is the Vita Master MBP2. It has various program settings and tension controls. It also has a heart rate monitor and has battery-operated controls. In addition to the Vita Master and Airgometer, DP also offers the DP Air Advantage, DP AirCisor, DP Prime Fit 6100, DP Sit for Life Aircizer, and DP Vitamaster MD193.

DP has been overshadowed by more recognized brands like Schwinn and ProForm. Schwinn, for example, has several models on the market, including the 230 recumbent bike, the 130 upright bike, and the Airdyne exercise bike. Scwhinn products can cost anywhere from $ 350 to over $ 1,000. One of the more expensive brand-name models, the Evolution, sells for over $ 1,000 and has been highly rated by product reviewers. It features an inertia drive system, adjustable resistance, and direct drive gears.

ProForm, another brand that competes with DP in the indoor bike market, offers machines that cost between $ 150 and $ 1,200. One of its low-end models is the SR30. The features of this machine are very basic and the model is geared towards the entry-level market. It has magnetic resistance, pulse sensors and an LCD console. Other ProForm models targeting the low and mid-range markets are the SR80, GL 35 and GL 105.

The DP brand may not be at the top of the market, but their machines still fulfill the basic operational functions of exercise bikes. They offer users the ability to tone and strengthen the muscles of the legs and thighs and provide an effective cardiovascular exercise routine. Limited availability aside, PD’s exercise machines, including second-hand models sold on online auction sites, can still be worth consumers’ time and investment.

The DP stationary bike isn’t exactly grabbing the spotlight for fitness equipment, but there are still those who like the brand. For these loyal customers, auction sites and online stores are their best options for finding one of these products.

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