How a simple sugar can stop a urinary tract infection in its tracks

How a simple sugar can stop a urinary tract infection in its tracks

Not only are urinary tract infections painful, but with a doctor’s office visit and a regimen of antibiotics (the usual treatment), it ends up being expensive and uncomfortable as well. But it does not have to be like that. Taken at the first signs of a urinary tract infection, a specific type of sugar called D-mannose can stop a urinary tract infection quickly, without antibiotics and without side effects.

For those with a urinary tract infection, life stands still until the painful problem is resolved. It typically requires an unscheduled trip to the doctor or emergency room with a course of antibiotics, as well as an antifungal for the inevitable yeast infection that follows. But antibiotics have undesirable side effects, such as yeast infection in women, and bacteria from urinary tract infections are becoming more resistant. With a study that concluded, “Bacterial resistance in UTIs in Chinese women is a serious problem, which could be the result of irrational use of antimicrobials.” the option of antibiotics for urinary tract infections is less and less an option.

But this does not have to be the case. Most people who have suffered a ‘UTI’, as they are called, know that drinking cranberry juice is an effective prevention, but what few know is that the ingredient in cranberries that makes it work so well for infections of the urinary tract is a sugar called D-mannose.

How can sugar stop a urinary infection?

D-mannose IT IS a sugar, but no ACT like sugar. It has a slightly bitter taste and does not raise blood sugar levels, but is sugar has a special trait that makes it incredibly useful in treating urinary tract infections. The main bacteria that because Urinary tract infections are called Escherichia Coli or just ‘E Coli’ for short. E. Coli causes urinary tract infections by grabbing onto the bladder wall with hooked projections. Once stuck, it can reproduce and cause an infection. But D-mannose has the unique ability to prevent this adhesion by making the wall too slippery for E Coli bacteria to stick.

Since the bladder has fluids constantly running through it, this is an incredibly efficient way to prevent and stop an infection because the bacteria that whose stick are simply removed from the body. While not many studies have been done on humans taking D-mannose, those that have been done have shown that the natural product is safe and effective not just for Preventing UTI, but also as Treatment for them. When used as soon as a UTI is detected, symptoms usually clear up within 24 hours.

With increasing resistance to bacteria and the harsh effects they have on the body, antibiotics are less and less an option for urinary tract infections and other non-life threatening bacterial infections. Instead, using this simple prevention and treatment for urinary tract infections is easy, inexpensive, and doesn’t require a doctor’s visit or the need for antibiotics.

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