Finding the best nightlife in Cyprus

Finding the best nightlife in Cyprus

Cyprus’s nightlife is varied and depending on where you choose to stay, it can be laid-back or one that will test the stamina of hardcore clubbing until dawn. To make sure you get the most out of your holiday in Cyprus, it is advisable to check which location is right for you before booking your flights and hotel.

Visitors to Cyprus who plan to party all night will look for the areas that have the best bars, discos, pubs, and nightclubs. These types of tourists will generally head to the same areas where they can have fun all night long. In the busiest areas, bars and clubs open around 7 a.m. M., While young people don’t normally go out until 11pm. M. This is when those who want a quieter nightlife will return to their hotels and apartments.

One of the busiest places to enjoy great nightlife in Cyprus when the sun has set is the city of Larnaca. The nightlife in Larnaca is truly one of the most exciting due to the energy that swirls in the air that tempts everyone to party all night as if it were their last. When in Kyrenia, a must see is the all-time favorite Bailey, which has all the flair of a European pub. Lager showers all over the place while guests enjoy a bottle or two. Those who want to try authentic Cypriot beer will have to try Leon. This beer is the original from Cyprus, one that you can really be proud of. The sights in Larnaca are located on the most famous boardwalk, which is just one block from Laiki Geitonia, where guests can enjoy live music.

If you want a really wild night, head to Ayia Napa’s nightlife. There are clubs in Ayia Napa for all tastes, from 70s nightclubs, karaoke bars, and house and garage clubs. You will often find people dancing in bars and having a good time. The best area is probably the main square where you will find Bedrock, which is a Flintstones themed bar.

Another great Cyprus nightlife spot is Kyrenia, where party-goers head towards the popular port of Kyrenia. This city is not only busy during the day when commerce and economic activities are simply balanced by locals and expats. As a way to ease those tense muscles for a hard day at work, Kyrenia’s pubs and bars are waiting for a ‘wet and wild’ relaxation. Those who crave pop music and techno beat will definitely fill up to the brim as they dance to the latest beat. Those who want a more casual and relaxing atmosphere can choose to stay at the EGO bar, where quiet music floats in the air. The friendly atmosphere of the place leaves a lasting impression that keeps guests coming back for more.

Don’t stay in bed when the night is over in Cyprus, the list of bars and clubs to visit is almost endless and will keep you coming back for more and more nightlife in Cyprus.

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