feng shui baby names

feng shui baby names

There are several ways to choose a baby name. The shapes vary from different schools of Feng Shui. Feng means wind, while Shui means water. Feng Shui masters found a way to associate Feng Shui with the baby’s name.

Chinese astrologers use Feng Shui to choose a baby’s name. The name at birth is very important for the baby and the couple. A good form name brings good luck to the bearer of the name.

Kua numbers

Astrologers determine the Kua number from your year of birth. The Kua number indicates whether the name is auspicious or inauspicious. Kua number calculations vary between women and men. The general idea is to add the last two digits of the year of birth to produce a single digit. Then you subtract up to 10.

For example, 9 is the Kua number for the birth year of 1973 for males. First, you add 7 and 3. You will get 10. Then you add 1 and 0. You will get 1, which is a single digit. You subtract 10 from 1. And the Kua number is 9.

For women, the calculation varies slightly. You add 5 after adding the last two digits of the year of birth. For example, 4 is the Kua number for the birth year of 1973 for females. First, you add 7 and 3. You will get 10. Then you add 10 and 5. You will get 15. Then you add 1 and 5. You will get 6, which is a single digit. Finally, you subtract 10 from 6. The Kua number is 4.

eight characters

The eight characters are more commonly known as Ba Zi. Astrologers look at all eight characters to count the useful element. There are three common ways to use the eight characters. First, astrologers find any missing elements to complement another element. For example, wood is a lacking element. The astrologer finds a name associated with wood, such as wood, branch, forest, and bark.

Second, the astrologer finds the required element. For example, the word requires water and earth. Water is a lost character. The astrologer provides a character associated with water.

Lastly, bad baby names are used to ward off evil spirits in the old days. They believe that evil spirits lose interest in a bad baby name. For example, the rat and the snake are good examples.

yin and yang

Chinese characters are made up of strokes. In Feng Shui, the total number of hits also matters. Depending on the school, the Feng Shui teacher tells you the correct number of strokes. The Yin is the even number of strokes, while the Yang is the odd number of strokes.

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