EFT for homesickness

EFT for homesickness

Oh, I know this one. Nostalgia was very “dear” to me as a child. When I was flying as a youngster, my parents even had to go into the departure lounge because I hadn’t even left the country to go back to school and I was an emotional wreck.

Now, you can’t stop him from traveling for weekends, months, or a year at a time. You may also be happy to go back to school or be away for long periods of time. Time away from home, family, and friends doesn’t have to fill you with dread, fear, and panic.

There is a simple technique to end the nostalgia that can help you.

What is the technique?

It is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping).

It doesn’t matter what the reasons are for you to feel homesick. EFT can help you. Oh, and if you were homesick. It is quite possible that the reasons you were so are still affecting you today, which is why you need to use EFT as well.

No matter when you start feeling homesick, EFT can help.

separation anxiety

Solving your problem with EFT can be as simple as:

Although I feel anxious when I am not around my family and friends.

Although I feel anxious about leaving my family. I deeply and completely accept myself.

I don’t like leaving my family though. I deeply and profoundly accept myself.


Even though my parents left me and I was alone. I choose to love myself deeply and completely and accept myself and my life anyway.

Even though I thought my parents didn’t love me. I love, accept and forgive myself completely.

Although I felt abandoned by my parents. I choose to forgive myself for holding onto this and I choose to forgive those others who may have contributed to this in any way, shape or form.

Although I am afraid to leave home for the first time and be without my parents. I don’t know why they’re sending me away. I choose to remain calm and confident.

Also with EFT if you’re going on a business trip and you’re worried about that presentation. The Emotional Freedom Techniques can also help you overcome your anxiety and fear of giving the perfect presentation.

Although I’m really looking forward to giving the presentation tomorrow. I choose to be calm, confident and master it.

Although I’m worried, I haven’t prepared myself enough. I accept everything about me as I am.

Now you can look forward to being away from home.

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