Best Email Marketing Software – Engage More Customers

Best Email Marketing Software – Engage More Customers

In the modern business age, email marketing is vital to getting results. Paired with social media advertising, a powerful email campaign can drive customers to your business and build connections with co-workers and customers. However, it’s not as easy as sending multiple messages to a list of subscribers. Not only would you need to entice readers with an engaging message, but you also need to keep them curious so they don’t click the dreaded “unsubscribe” button. A quality email advertising service will give you the templates and tools you want to not only create engaging emails, but also easily manage your subscriber list and track your own progress.

MailGet Bolt

MailGet Bolt can be an emphatic email marketing assistance, with which you can send mass emails to all your potential users, with just one click and then change your promotion strategy by engaging with them online.

It is a lifesaver for many of the non-tech savvy people as it eliminates the lengthy procedure to bind SMTP and then causes confusion. Since here at MailGet Bolt, there is no need to connect any SMTP, which means you can simply check your email and start sending email to a massive audience quickly.

constant contact

Constant Contact’s email marketing service will simplify and streamline your business. Provides multiple options for evaluating your email marketing campaigns and planning ahead so you can focus on running your business. It has hundreds of templates to customize based on your preferred market and special goals. You can even schedule emails in advance based on special contact information.

Reference point

Benchmark helps you get started with a totally free plan that manages up to 2,000 subscribers. If you are a small business just starting out, then this might be just what you want. It sets you up with a custom signup form on your website so you can engage your subscribers. You don’t need to provide a bank card to get started and you can patiently wait to update whenever your subscriber list exceeds 2,000. Benchmark provides mobile-optimized features, so your emails can be easily read on the go. You’ll also get regular updates on how many people are opening and reading your emails.

I contact

iContact offers two free trial options with a variety of features. You can try iContact Standard or iContact Pro without a credit card. iContact offers personalized customer support that can help you make a personalized email effort to better reach your target audience. iContact allows you to set email marketing goals and achieve them effortlessly. You can receive comprehensive reports on the results of your advertising and marketing campaigns and can track opens, clicks and landing page visits, all in one place. You can even integrate current campaigns and that means you can keep track of everything.

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