A Brief Review of Kitchen Cabinet Doors

A Brief Review of Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Kitchen cabinet doors are perhaps the most important part of a closet. It is the part of the cabinet that defines your taste and style. Choosing a closet door can be tricky. So in this article, we give you the basics about various door designs available in the market.

There are four important things to consider when choosing a kitchen cabinet door. The four things are the door overlays, the wood used for the door, the design, and lastly, the finish. We are going to discuss the door overlays and the wood that is used to make the door in detail below.


Perhaps the overlap is the key element that influences the style of your kitchen cabinet. The term overlap is used to refer to the way the door actually rests when the kitchen cabinets are closed. There are basically two types of overlays.

• The traditional overlay: also known as the standard overlay. If you look at your old cabinet, you may notice that there is a box or frame type effect on the face of your cabinet. This is mainly due to how the doors overlap the cabinet. In standard overlay or traditional overlay, the door overlay creates a frame-like effect that sometimes falls back on revealing. This is the most common overlap in all traditional kitchen furniture.

• The second type of overlay is the contemporary overlay: also known as a full overlay. In this overlap there is no frame effect mainly because the doors are mounted on the cabinet in such a way that they completely cover the cabinet. This is the style preferred by the younger generation. Cabinets with such an overlap often look sophisticated and elegant.

Wood used:

The next important thing that decides what kitchen cabinets look like is the wood that is used to make the cabinet door. There are more than 20 varieties of wood that are used to prepare cabinet doors. However, each species of wood has certain specific characters and the most important character is how it absorbs moisture, stress and glazes.

The two most important types of wood used are:

Pine tree:

The unique character of pine is that it is soft and easy to work with. It is the most desired wood for country furniture in a rustic style.


The unique character of this wood is that it is strong. It is the most preferred wood for strong board kitchen cabinets.

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