7 factors that make up a winning team

7 factors that make up a winning team

Sport is often used as a metaphor in business, comparing team effort to organizational effort. The goal of such a comparison is to improve your business (process) from what you observe and learn from sports, in this case football.

There are two relevant questions. First, “which team will perform better?” And, “Will the best team win?” But to focus on the comparison, you need to focus only on the second question, because the first one is basically about quality, which is difficult to measure. Then; What will make a team win games? There are several factors, all present in any area:

  • Factor one – Luck. Ordinary luck, we can’t influence everything, some luck is needed to win… Like “the hand of God” (Maradona)?
  • Factor Two: Environmental Influences (Bad Luck): A “wrong” decision by an umpire falls into this category. Also, your starting position in the group can be more challenging than for other teams. This seems even more true in business where circumstances are never really the same.
  • Factor three – Individual talent and specialists. The footballer is a worldwide (global) profession. Players from all over the world are exchanged and transferred, which makes the technical differences between countries assimilate. Technical talent ceases to be a differentiator. As in business, professionals are available especially in highly specialized settings (law, medicine, engineering, etc.). It is less true in those businesses where the profile of a professional is more difficult to define.
  • Factor four – Teamwork. Teamwork is increasingly a differentiator, both in business and in sports. While it’s difficult to examine what teamwork is, watching a game shows: the player passing the ball to someone breaking free from their opponent; ready to dial. The most difficult factor to manage, both in business and especially when you have a team of top talent (individuals).
  • Factor five: training, training and preparation. To be prepared! This involves all the strategy behind the game. Observe the rivals, prepare the tactics… The role of the coach must be underestimated; It all has to do with time to market. You only have a limited time to prepare, and you can’t change directions in between. Right on point to make a winning team. In business this is done by looking for new challenges. Try to raise the targets to a level where they are still believable.
  • Factor six: team. In sport this is not a problem. The best players wear the best equipment. In business this is different. Invest in equipment such as systems, infrastructure and working methods, etc. is where a company will make a difference.
  • Factor seven – Threshold or input level. To excel in any area, you must first enter the league. You must reach the threshold of all those factors that are basic. These cover technique, teamwork, training, stamina, training, and all the other skills that are required.

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