5 tips to lose belly fat on the weekend

5 tips to lose belly fat on the weekend

Sick and tired of gaining belly fat on the weekend? Discover these 5 simple tips to burn calories and avoid bingeing on the weekend.

Another weekend, another 2-3 pounds of fat? No way. It doesn’t have to work that way. Here are 5 “real life” tips to simply say “NO” to weight gain. Find out how to lose belly fat over the weekend with these tips …

1) Avoid all liquid calories.

Cut out soda, alcohol, alcohol mix, and even orange juice at breakfast (it’ll probably just make you sleepy anyway). In addition, research shows that liquid calories do not “register” in our brains and do not satisfy our appetite. There is simply no place for liquid sugar in your diet if you want to lose belly fat. Limit yourself to green tea and water as your main beverages, with coffee and diet sodas in moderation. Combine that with whole, natural foods and you’ll lose fat fast!

2) Do short, burst workouts that use multi-muscle exercises to train your entire body in one short, simple workout.

You can train your whole body in just 2-3 exercises. Here are a couple of sample workouts.

1A) Dumbbell squat

1B) Push-ups (any type)

The dumbbell squat trains your upper back and lower body. Push-ups obviously train your chest and arms, but also your torso (abs). That’s a full workout right there. Do 8-12 reps for squats and 15-30 reps for pushups. Don’t rest between exercises and continue for 10-20 minutes, whatever you have time for. That hits all the hot areas of the body.

3) Workout first thing in the morning

There is nothing magical about training first thing in the morning. I don’t think it helps you lose fat faster than any exercise at any other time of the day.


Exercising first thing in the morning helps you do it and if a busy weekend is approaching, with family visits and housework, the truth is that morning is the only time you will have the opportunity to burn abdominal fat.

4) Go out with your family and stay away from food.

We all eat too much because we are bored or just want to do something. So if you find it difficult to keep your hand out of the bowl of candy, get your hand (and your butt) out of that room! Go play with the youth outside. Practice some sport, have fun. Take a very long walk around the neighborhood. Just do something!

5) Plan some treats and stay on schedule.

If you’re visiting family and Aunt Sue makes the most amazing lemon meringue pie for dessert, schedule that into your meal plan, but set limits on all the other treats they offer you. And remember, if you can’t keep treats in the house without eating them, get rid of the trash. Don’t feel bad about throwing out junk food … it’s called junk food, after all.

Remember that the battle for fat loss is about calories being less than the calories you burn. Tilt that equation in your favor by keeping trash out of sight and out of mind as much as possible throughout the weekend, and focus on getting pleasure out of the weekend through activity and the company of friends. That will help you lose belly fat even on the weekends.

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