10 types of jewelry for men

10 types of jewelry for men

When we think of jewelry, we automatically think of women’s jewelry. These days it is becoming more common and fashionable for men to wear jewelry. Although much of men’s jewelry has a purpose, there are many items that serve no other purpose than to complement a man’s natural appearance. Read on to discover some obvious (and not-so-obvious) jewelry options for men.

Make a statement with men’s jewelry

1. Watches

Clocks have been around for a few centuries and they serve a useful purpose. Jewelry or machine? Honestly, a watch is truly a gem that also tells the time. This is one way to get men who don’t like to wear “jewelry” to actually wear jewelry without knowing it. The type of watch worn has to match the image that the man wants to project: a watch for the executive, a Swatch for the artist, a Nike for the athlete. Since many men have active lifestyles, there are different watches designed for different activities.

2. Rings

The next most common piece of jewelry that men wear is a ring. The reason is that in almost all cultures, rings are used to symbolize marriage between two people. Rings have been around for years. Unlike watches, they are useless, but when worn on the left ring finger, they send a signal about a man’s marital status. Wedding rings used to be made only of gold or platinum. In fact, it wasn’t until recently that wedding ring designers began experimenting with the idea of ​​using alternative metals. One of the first alternative metals was titanium. The metal was valued for its light weight, white color, and strength. It is used for many other types of jewelry, not just rings. Just less than 5 years ago, tungsten carbide, a metal relatively unknown to the general public, suddenly exploded in popularity. It now included 20% of all North American men’s wedding ring sales. Tungsten wedding bands for men are valued for their extreme toughness. They are four times harder than titanium and have a considerable weight that men like. Tungsten is so hard that only a diamond or sapphire can scratch it. Tungsten is also very affordable. If you want to keep a precious metal ring, but don’t want to pay too much for a gold or platinum ring, palladium may be the way to go. Palladium rings look and act like platinum because both metals belong to the same metal family, the platinum group metals. Palladium, however, is about 70% less expensive than platinum rings. Many jewelers only deal with a few select metals.

3. Slope (s)

Traditionally for women, the earring is now accepted by society for men. Some men wear one earring and others two. Men who have traditional jobs in an office setting are often discouraged from wearing earrings or not allowed to wear them per company policy. Although less popular as men’s gifts, earrings are here to stay as men’s jewelry.

4. Bracelets

Although less popular than watches, bracelets are a piece of jewelry worn by many men. Men’s bracelets used to be made from heavier and more expensive metals like gold, but alternative metals are becoming increasingly popular. The variety of materials used for bracelets is more varied than for rings or watches, and many of them are not even metal. There are bead bracelets made of wood, carbon fiber and ceramic, in addition to stainless steel and titanium. Often they incorporate more than one of the materials mentioned above.

5. Necklaces

Necklaces were worn by more men in the past than today. Men who wear necklaces tend to only wear one. In the past, there was a greater tendency to wear multiple necklaces. Today, multiple necklaces can be seen as tacky or “slimy,” and as such, many men today avoid wearing multiple necklaces.

6. Pendants

Most men have gone from wearing necklaces to wearing pendants. The pendants can be used to show a man’s religious faith or simply to express yourself. The most common pendant to wear is the cross, in countless variations, and just like bracelets, pendants that in the past were made mostly of gold are now made of all kinds of metallic and non-metallic materials. Some men wear pendants alongside necklaces, while others choose to wear their pendants around their neck with a modest black leather cord.

7. Cufflinks

Commonly known as men’s accessories, cufflinks are actually jewelry that men wear without thinking they’re there – just keep the cuffs buttoned, right? Cufflinks are most often worn in an office environment where more professional attire is required. They make great gifts for Father’s Day or birthday gifts. They are usually made of stainless steel or in some cases titanium. Gold is used, but is less common.

8. Money clip

Men who like to show they have higher status, or at least the appearance of higher status, tend to wear money clips. With credit cards so ubiquitous, many men don’t have cash in their pockets, defeating the purpose of a money clip. The clip part of the money clip is usually made of stainless steel and if there is a decorative element on the clip, it can be made of silver, gold or some other type of material. Money clips are usually delivered on the same occasions as cufflinks.

9. Fountain pens

Designer fountain pens can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, and they tend to be gifts that companies give to their male and female executives. They can also be gifted to friends or spouses. In today’s high-tech world, writing with pens is less common; even signatures can be electronic now. The fountain pen is becoming more of a jewel than a functional item.

10. Keychains

Key rings are an item of jewelry that is used to perform more than just jewelry. For this reason, few key rings are made of expensive metals. Most are made of stainless steel, leather, or titanium. This is a gift that is popular for Father’s Day or birthdays, especially from a son or daughter.

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